How To Make White Concrete In Minecraft [Working Recipe]

White concrete is one of the 16 concrete types used in Minecraft which is used for building roofs and many other things. Here we are going to talk about the white concrete recipe in Minecraft in detail so you will have a clear idea about making white concrete.

White Concrete In Minecraft

Crafting white concrete in Minecraft is easy but you will require some basic things before moving ahead which we have given in this article. Now, we will start with the basic requirements and where you will get those easily. Let’s get started.

white concrete Minecraft

White Concrete Minecraft Requirements

  • Sand
  • White dye
  • Gravel

How to get sand?

You can easily find sand near the water. You have to simply mine the sand block using a tool such as a shovel or a pickaxe. However, you can do it by hand. After mining, collect the sand blocks. For making white concrete, you would require 4 blocks of sand so make sure you have those and take them to your inventory.

How to get white dye?

Getting a white dye is a kind of tricky as it’s crafted in the game for which you would require lily of the valley or a bone meal. You can find the lily of the valley in the flower forest so collect it as its semi-rare. Moreover, a bone meal is crafted using a bone in the game. Once you have any of these two, place them in the first box of the crafting menu and you will get a piece of white dye.

How to get gravel?

For getting gravel you have to follow the similar steps you did for sand, the only difference is you will find gravel in mines and not near water. Moreover, you have to use a tool to mine it. Once you get the gravel, pick it up and place it into the inventory and for making white concrete, 4 blocks of gravel are required.

How to make white concrete?

Now that you have gathered all the required things which are 1 white dye, 4 sand blocks, and 4 gravel, it’s time to make white concrete. Open the crafting menu and place all the blocks in the 3×3 boxes such that the white dye is in the first box, and the other two boxes of the first row are filled with sand.

Moreover, the second row’s first two boxes must have sand in them and the remaining four boxes should include gravel. Once you add all these items to their places, you will see 8 white concrete blocks formed in the right side box which you have to collect and store in your inventory.


We hope that now you might be having a clear idea about how to make white concrete in Minecraft. You can come here and check this recipe anytime in the future. Moreover, we also hope that you have liked our article and would like to check out our other articles such as 

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