How to Get String in Minecraft

You will require strings until the last in Minecraft, but how to get those? Don’t worry! Here we have given a small and easy guide on where and how to get string in Minecraft in detail. Firstly, strings are not made using any crafting table, you have to find them in the game. 

String in Minecraft

How to Get String in Minecraft

So the question arises, 

Where can I find the strings?

Getting strings from killing spiders is the easiest way we can say. However, you can get strings from the jungle temples, dungeons and desert pyramids in the form of cobwebs but you have to loot them so be careful. Also, you can find strings while fishing but you have to wait as you can find any treasure while fishing and not only a string. 

How to get those strings?

You can kill a spider with a sharp tool like an axe. Also, you can use a bow and arrow to kill it from a distance. However, spiders only spawn in the dark, so you have to wait until it’s dark. Moreover, you can also find an existing cobweb for making strings. Cobwebs are found in abandoned villages, igloo basements and mineshafts.

The easiest way to get a string is fishing, but you never know when it’s going to be a string it can be any other treasure as well. 


So that’s how you find a string in Minecraft. We can’t craft a string using a crafting table so you have to search and hunt for them. Moreover, if you want to get strings in a peaceful way, try finding them while fishing or in some damp places like basements. However, it’s easier to get them from a spider. Besides that, you can check out our other articles on 

For more such information. We hope that you are satisfied with our information and have no confusion regarding finding strings now. 

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