How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft [Recipe]

Try making a smooth stone other than a normal stone to enhance the looks of your crafting with our Minecraft smooth stone recipe. 

Smooth Stone Minecraft Recipe

Smooth stone is one of the basic building blocks in Minecraft, which is not a necessity, but it looks nice and appealing than a basic stone. Here we have given a detailed article on how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft. Therefore, if you have no idea of how to get a smooth stone, we will help you out. You can use the smooth stone for crafting slabs of smooth stones.

First of all, we have assumed that you know the basics of Minecraft such as how to get resources. Now, let’s begin with the article. 

Smooth Stone Minecraft Recipe Requirements

  • Furnace 
  • Stone 

How To Make A Furnace?

The furnace is one of the required tools in Minecraft as it smelts the tools, ores, stones, and many other things to get the required block. There are two ways to make a furnace: the first one is to use cobblestones and the second one is to use black stones, which are readily available in the game.

You have to open the crafting menu where you will be able to see the 3×3 grid. In this grid, you have to place 8 cobblestones or black stones in such a way that the middlebox remains empty. Once you follow these steps, the furnace will be made and you can add it to the inventory.

How to make a furnace?

How to make a stone?

Once again here we are, the stone is said to be the most important block in Minecraft as it is a basic one. You can make a stone by using cobblestone and fuel sources such as coal. However, for that, you will require a furnace which we have already crafted. Open the furnace menu and place one block of coal in the bottom box and one cobblestone in the top box. Now, you can see the flames and your stone getting ready. Once it’s crafted, move it to the inventory.

How to make a stone

How to make smooth stone?

Now that we have all the requirements ready to make a smooth stone, let’s get started. Once again open the furnace menu and add a single piece of coal into the bottom and a stone in the upper box. Afterward, you will be able to see a smooth stone crafted and flames between the two boxes. Lastly, tap on it and move it to the inventory for future use.

How to make a smooth stone


So that’s how we craft smooth stones by having some basic items such as stones and fuel with us in Minecraft. We have tried our level best to keep this article as simple as possible so we are definitely sure you would have loved our article and would appreciate by checking out our other articles such as

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Now, let’s end it here, and do not forget to check out our other articles if you ever have any queries.

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