How to make Mossy Cobblestone [Recipe]

Mossy cobblestones in Minecraft are not available, unlike other stones, you have to craft these using some technique. That’s why we are here to guide you on how to make mossy cobblestones. Mossy cobblestones are mostly used in the construction of walls. Moreover, they cannot be smelted in any other form again. Therefore, do make sure if you want to make one because there is no going back. 

Mossy Cobblestones Recipe

Mossy Cobblestones Recipe

Let’s start with the requirements to make a mossy cobblestone

  • Cobblestones 
  • Vines 
Where can I get cobblestones?

Cobblestones are the base of stones because they are used in many block recipes. For mining cobblestones, you have to find a block of stone and a sharp tool such as pickaxe; you have to craft in the crafting menu. Then, mine the block of stone using the pickaxe and collect the cobblestone and take it to your inventory. 

Where can I get vines?

Vines are easy to spot in the game as you go through forest. You can spot them hanging on the trees. However, you would require a tool called shear which you can craft using two iron ingot pieces we would not go into its detail. Furthermore, cut those vines using the shear and pick it up. Moreover, do not forget to place it in inventory for further use. 

Mossy cobblestone recipe 

Making mossy cobblestone is an easy recipe as you have to simply open the crafting menu and place a piece of cobblestone in the centre box of the 3×3 grid. Furthermore, place the vine on the top of that, which means the second box of the first row. Once you follow these steps, you will see a mossy cobblestone formed in the adjacent box which you have to collect in your inventory. 

How to use mossy cobblestones?

Mossy cobblestones can be used in construction of cobblestone walls and mossy bricks only as they have moss on them. Moreover, they cannot be smelted or cooked like any other stones. However, you can remove the moss using some sharp tool on them. 


Mossy cobblestones are easy to make as you have to follow some simple procedures. However, shear making requires some skills, so it’s better if you make one before. We have provided the best and to the point information on the mossy cobblestone recipe. Also, we have articles on 

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As we are one of you gamers, we like helping other gamers. Therefore, we would like it if you read them once if you require.

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