Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe – How To Make/Use

The stonecutter is one of the most important tools in Minecraft as it saves our time and is a great alternative to the crafting table. With a stone cutter, you can make small stone blocks with precision. However, if you are new to Minecraft and don’t know how to make a stonecutter, we will help you out.

Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe

In this article, we have provided a detailed guide on Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe. Moreover, using a stone cutter is much more efficient than a crafting table as it lets you make stairs. Now, let’s move towards then topic.

Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe

Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe Requirements


For Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe, you will require

  • 1 iron ingot
  • 3 stones

How to make an iron ingot?

Making an iron ingot is one of the basic steps, it’s crafted using a single piece of iron ore and 1 coal which you can find easily in this game while mining. Once you have these two things in the required quantities, open the furnace menu and place the coal in the bottom box and the iron ore in the top box. Simultaneously, you can see flames, which means it’s being crafted. Lastly, you will be able to see an iron ingot that looks similar to a brick. Also, do not forget to take it to the inventory.

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How to make stones?

Stones are one of the integral building blocks which you can craft using a cobblestone. Don’t worry! It’s available in the game, you have to simply find it by mining with a pickaxe. Once you have a cobblestone, open the furnace menu and place the coal, which is the fuel in the bottom box and the cobblestone piece in the upper box. Similar to the iron ingot, you will be able to see the flames.

Now, it’s ready to be placed in the inventory. However, for a stonecutter, you will require 3 stones so make sure you have 3 cobblestones and sufficient fuel.

How to make a stonecutter?

Once you have the required amount of iron ingot and stones, open the crafting menu where you can see a crafting menu of 3×3. Now, place the iron ingot in the second box of the first row and the three stones in the second row. Finally, you will see the stonecutter in the next box. Moreover, move the stonecutter to the inventory so you can use it when required.

How to use a stonecutter?

Stonecutters are easy to use, you have to simply move the stonecutter from the inventory and place it in the required space. Moreover, choose one of the blocks such as stone and you can see the items which can be crafted using a stone such as stairs, brick wall, and many more. Lastly, click on the items you want to craft and they will be ready to use. Lastly, move them to the inventory.


So that’s how a stonecutter is crafted using some simple blocks in Minecraft. Moreover, we have also provided information on how to use the stonecutter. That’s all we had with us, we are a group of gamers like you who love helping other gamers. We hope that you have loved this article and would like to read some more such articles regarding Minecraft.

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