Minecraft Stone Recipe (How to Make, Craft and Use)

Stone is one of the basic items in Minecraft which is made using smelting and can’t be found anywhere in the game. Here we are going to discuss how to craft a stone in Minecraft so you can at least make it. Moreover, we are going into detail about how you can get the basic requirements so do read it from top to bottom. 

How to make a Stone in Minecraft

How to get a stone in Minecraft 

Firstly let’s see what we would require for making a stone. 

  • Cobblestone
How to get a cobblestone? 

You can get a cobblestone anywhere in the game. You have to simply find a block of stone and hit it using a pickaxe until a block of cobblestone appears in front of you. Lastly, place the cobblestone in the inventory for further use. 

How to make a stone ?

You can’t craft a stone using a crafting table. Therefore, we will smelt the cobblestone using a furnace and here are the steps you should follow to make a stone. 

  1. You will require a furnace for making a stone, so make sure you have one. Otherwise, start making one.
  2. Open the furnace menu and place some fuel like sticks, wooden planks, coal in the bottom box 
  3. Now, place 1 cobblestone in the top box. Once you see the flames, one block of stone will get formed, which you have to take to your inventory 

You can use a stone while construction or craft it in a smooth stone if you want. Check out the smooth stone recipe in Minecraft for a detailed guide. Moreover, stone is the basic requirement in playing Minecraft. Now that you know how to make it, you can make many other items easily. We hope that you have loved our article and would appreciate our other articles too. 

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