Minecraft Gray Concrete Powder Recipe [How to Make/Craft]

Make buildings and construct anything with gray concrete. Here we are with a new article on Minecraft gray concrete powder recipe to help you out.

Minecraft Gray Concrete Powder Recipe

The gray concrete powder is one of the most important blocks for construction in Minecraft. However, there is a special recipe for crafting this powder which we have specified in this article, how to make gray concrete powder in Minecraft. Moreover, we have also provided the information about where you can get the basic requirements so you don’t have to find those anywhere else.

minecraft gray concrete


  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Gray dye

Where can I get sand?

Sand is easily available in the game, you have to find a water source nearby and that’s where the sand blocks are found. However, you will require a shovel to mine the sand. Do remember that for making gray concrete, you will require 4 sand blocks at a time.

Where can I get gravel?

Gravel blocks are usually found in mountains. You have to dig the mountains and mine to get gravel blocks. Moreover, you should have a digging tool like a shovel with you. Similar to sand, you will require 4 blocks of gravel for making gray concrete.

How to craft gray dye?

Gray dye is not that easily available in Minecraft as you have to craft a black dye and white dye first. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Get a white dye first which can be crafted using a lily of the valley or a bone meal.
  • Get a black dye by searching an ink sac or wither rose and take it to the crafting table to make 1 black dye.
  • Once you get both the dyes, place the black dye in the first box of the first row and the white dye in the second box and make a gray dye. Lastly, take it to the inventory.

How to craft gray concrete powder in Minecraft?

Once you are ready with all the requirements in the given quantities, here are the steps to follow for making gray concrete powder:

  • Open the crafting menu with a 3×3 crafting grid and place the gray dye at the center of the grid which means in the second box of the second row.
  • Moreover, place the 4 gravel blocks in the first, third, seventh, and ninth boxes of the grid.
  • Lastly, add the 4 sand blocks in the remaining boxes which are second, fourth, sixth, and eighth.
  • By following these steps you will get 8 blocks of gray concrete powder at a time which you have to take to your inventory.


Having sufficient gray concrete powder with you is important as it helps in the construction of buildings. Therefore, you should know the recipe for gray concrete powder. However, we are here anytime you require any recipe or face any error while playing Minecraft. You can check out other concrete recipes like.

We hope this article was beneficial for you and have all your doubts cleared with this Minecraft gray concrete recipe.

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