How to Make Minecraft Fence [Recipe]

Fence is of great use in Minecraft as you can keep away mobs from an area or you can keep them inside the fence. Therefore, here we have provided a detailed Minecraft fence recipe so you can make one for your use. In this article we have not only featured the recipe but from where you can get its basic requirements so do read it carefully. 

how to make a fence

Minecraft Fence Recipe

Firstly, let’s start with the requirements 

  • Tree planks 
  • Sticks
Where can I get tree planks?

The tree planks are not readily available in the game, you have to search for the trees in the mountains and forests. 

  1. you will require a good cutting tool, like an axe, to cut a log out of the tree. 
  2. Once out, get the tree log, pick it up and place it in the inventory for further use. 
  3. Open the crafting table and place one log at the centre of the crafting grid table by doing so you will get 4 tree planks at a time 
How to make sticks ?

Sticks are made out of tree planks. You can use any planks for crafting sticks. Let’s see how you can make sticks step by step. 

  1. Open the crafting menu and place two tree planks in such a way that one is in the second box of the first row and the second one is at the centre of the grid.
  2. After doing this step, you will have 4 sticks crafted out of those planks. Pick them up and save them for later use. 
How to Make a Fence in Minecraft ?

Here are some easy steps to follow while making a fence gate in Minecraft. 

  1. Open the crafting menu of 3×3 crafting grid.
  2. Place two of those sticks in the second box of the first row and second box of the second row. 
  3. Moreover, place the 4 wooden planks beside them like in the first, third, fourth and sixth box of the grid. 
  4. Once you follow these easy steps, you will see 3 small fences getting formed in the adjacent box.

And that’s how you make a fence, now you have to simply place them in the right manner and add a fence gate in the middle. You can check out our article on how to make a fence gate for a detailed recipe. 


Now that you know how to make fences in Minecraft, you can create them infinitely to keep your mobs at the place or out of the place. However, the fence gate is a must otherwise it’s of no use so check out the fence gate recipe once. We are one of you gamers who love playing Minecraft and love helping other gamers so they can easily play it with no problem. 

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