Minecraft Cobblestone Wall Recipe (How to Make/Craft)

The cobblestone wall is one of the basic things you can make as a beginner. With this article you will learn about how to make a cobblestone wall with an easy and simple stepped recipe. Moreover, we would suggest that you read this article till last as we have provided all the information regarding basic requirements and how you can get those. 

Minecraft Cobblestone Wall Recipe 

Minecraft Cobblestone Wall Recipe

Now, let’s get started

  • 6 cobblestones 
How to get cobblestones?

Cobblestones are the only requirements for making a cobblestone wall. You can find cobblestones anywhere in the game. Simply get a pickaxe of your preference and get the cobblestone block by mining it. Once you get it, pick it up and take it to your inventory for further use. 

How to craft cobblestone wall in Minecraft 

Here are the simple steps to follow for making a cobblestone wall in Minecraft 

  1. You will require 6 cobblestones for making a wall so do make sure you have them in the inventory 
  2. Open the crafting grid of 3×3 and place the 6 cobblestones in such a way that the first two rows get full
  3. By following this step, you will get a cobblestone wall which you have to save in to your inventory and can use while constructions 

And that’s the easy recipe of cobblestone wall which requires no hard to find material and only cobblestones. However, you can make many items from cobblestones on which we have already given articles. We would love it if you check them once. Lastly, we hope that you enjoyed reading this article and gained the information you required. 

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