How To Make/Craft Lead In Minecraft [Recipe 2021]

Make the very essential lead in Minecraft using a special recipe given in this article about how to make a lead in Minecraft.

How to make a lead in Minecraft

Lead is a very useful tool in Minecraft required for moving the mob. You might not know the recipe for lead crafting and that’s why you are here. Never mind, Here we are going to talk about the lead crafting recipe in Minecraft. In this article, we have given a detailed guide starting from the requirements and where you can find them. Therefore, do read it until last.

Make Lead In Minecraft

Requirements to make a lead in Minecraft

  • Strings
  • slimeball

Where can I find strings?

Strings can be easily gained by killing spiders that spawn at night. Moreover, if you don’t want to kill a spider, you can get them from cobwebs in different places. Also, sometimes fishing can also get you strings. However, for making a lead or rope, you would require 4 strings. You can check out our detailed article on how to get a string in Minecraft.

Where can I find slimeballs?

Slimeballs are not readily available in the game. You have to find them in the swampland biome. The slime usually spawns at night like the spiders. Moreover, they attack you if you harm them. However, you will have to attack them for collecting the slimeballs. Slime can be of any size which goes on decreasing as you attack them. You will need only one slimeball for making a lead.

How to make a rope or leash in Minecraft?

Here is the recipe to make a lead or rope you can say in Minecraft

  • You will require 4 strings and 1 slimeball for making a lead. We have already provided you with the information about where you can find those.
  • Open the crafting menu with the 3×3 grid size place the required items as given in step number 3.
  • Place the one slimeball in the second box of the second row. Moreover, place two strings in the first two boxes of the first row and one string in the first box of the second row. Lastly, place a single string in the third box of the third row.
  • Once you follow these steps, you can see two leads crafted in the adjacent box which you have to pick and place in the inventory.


And lo, your leash is ready to be used. You can tie a horse or any other animal in Minecraft using a lead. We have tried our best to explain how to make a rope in Minecraft and we hope that you have liked our articles and would check out our other articles too. Lastly, we are here if you need any kind of Minecraft recipe or if you are facing any error.

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