How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft (Recipe)

Without a fence gate, the fence is of no use therefore you should know the fence gate recipe. You don’t have to search for a long time because here we have given the recipe of crafting a fence gate in detail. Moreover, you can also check out how to make a fence if you want.

Fence Gate Recipe

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft 

Firstly, we will start with the requirements and where you can get those and gradually move towards how to make a fence gate. 


  • Sticks 
  • Tree planks 
Where can I get wooden planks?

Wooden planks are not readily available in the game, you have to find the trees, cut them with an axe and get the wooden log out of the tree. Moreover, you have to craft wooden planks out of the wooden log. You can craft them using the crafting menu and simply placing one wooden log at the centre of the grid. At once you can craft 4 wooden planks. However, for a gate you will require only two of them. 

How to craft sticks?

Crafting sticks is easier but you will require wooden planks for it so repeat the steps given above if you don’t have any wooden planks left. Furthermore, open the crafting menu and place two wooden planks, one above the other, in the second box of first row and second box of second row. This step will provide you with 4 sticks which you can use while making a fence gate. 

Fence gate recipe 

Here are the easy steps you should follow to make a fence gate.

  1. Open the crafting menu and place the two wooden planks one above the other in the same manner you did while crafting sticks. 
  2. Afterwards, place 4 sticks right beside them, similar to what we do in the fence crafting recipe. The positions of the sticks in the grid should be first, third, fourth and sixth from the left. 
  3. At once you can make only one fence gate which will be visible to you after performing step two. After that, take it to the inventory for further use. 

Now you are free to make a fence with a fence gate to keep your belongings secure. You can use any wooden plank for making a fence and its gate. We hope that you have liked our article and would love to read more such articles. Do check out our article on how to make a fence in Minecraft for detailed information. Besides that, we are here to help you out at any time, so enjoy playing Minecraft peacefully. 

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