Title: Director, Webmaster

Other Duties: Video editing, game role plays, voice acting.

Voice overs: Iron Man[1-2], Red Riding Hood Grandma, Odin, Random Civilians

About: Rafael is the director for this channel. Oversees all production and is also in charge of the collaborations with other YouTube channels. Rafael is also in charge of getting all the props.

Title: Voice Actor

Other Duties: Game role play, hand acting

Voice overs: Ash from Pokemon, SpiderSteve, Captain America, Thor, Little Red Riding Hood, random civilians.

About: Eli plays the role of Ash from out main series Pokemon Go Origins. He also used to be the main hand actor but was replaced, so his main focus can be voice acting.

Title: Voice Actress

Other Duties: Contributes Ideas for new  videos

Voice overs: Misty [S:1 Ep. 9], Frozen

About: Sandra is the newest member of our group and she is really excited about doing the girl parts we have in store for you guys!

Title: Video Editor, Voice Actor

Other Duties: Directing, voice acting

Voice overs: Gary from Pokemon, most gym leaders Ash battles, Herobrine, random bad guys.

About: Mike is the one of lead Video editors of the group. He does most of the special effects, and creative shots. He also does A LOT of the voice overs and sometimes directs videos.

Title: Gamer, Video Editor, Hand Actor

Other Duties: reaching out to fellow youtubes to collab with.

Voice overs: None

About: Alfredo is the main gamer of the group and is charge of moding the game and downloading all the maps for out stories. He also creates most of the Pokemon gyms ash battles in.

Bio Coming Soon!

Bio Coming Soon!