Realistic Minecraft: Pokemon Go Origins

This season is about Ash Ketchum’s long lost cousin Steve-Ketchum. He was born in Pallet Town but he wasn’t able to start his Pokemon Master training until he was able to first learn basic manners. You see, Steve was born in a family that had no intentions on keeping him as part of the family, he was left in the wild to be raised by wild Pokemon. Fortunately he was taken care of and partially raised by a family of wild Chanseys. When he was about 8 years old Professor Oak found him in the woods fighting with a wild Rattata and decided to rescue him and bring him to his lab. After running some tests he discovered that he was related to Ash and delivered him to his rightful parents.  Now we join him in his adventure to collect badges from the 8 gym leaders and make his way to the Indigo League.