Guns Mod  Click Here

The Wolf Guns Mod adds the sniper, machinegun, assault rifle, and the pistol plus it add steel armor and tools!!! The Sniper is the most powerful of the 4. The armor is so op you don’t take damage even from the sniper. The guns require a good bit of iron. Big thanks goes out to the makers of the Mcreator program that lets you create youw own mods without typing code plus they even let u post your created mod anywhere as long as they receive credit!!

Dragon Ball Z Mod Click Here

This Mod allows you to change the skin of your Minecraft character to your favorite Dragon Ball Z character. You can also fire ki blast and attacks to destroy your enemy. Also in this mod, you get the Watch Tower! Enjoy

Super Hero Mod Click Here

Do you like DC and Marvel comics? The Super Heroes mod for Minecraft brings superpowers, heroes and heroines to the world of Minecraft and it does this in style. Not only can you craft all kinds of new gear and items to help look the part of your favorite harbinger of justice, becoming Captain America, The Hulk, Ironman or Thor, just to name a few. Yeah, these are all heroes from The Avengers, so you might as well call it The Avengers mod, but this is what the creator wanted to call it and so that’s what it is.

Star Wars Mod Click Here

With this Mod you will be able to do everything a Jedi and a Sith can do in the Star War movies! Lightsabers, fly palnes, battle storm troopers, destroy rebels and mush more! This is our favorite Mod, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Pokemon Mod Click Here

Pixelmon Mod is the one we use for all our Pokemon Go Origins videos. With this mod you will be able to go on your own Pokemon adventure!

Giant Character Mod Click Here

This Mod allows you to either become a really large minecraft character or a really tiny one. We used this mod on our Hulk videos.