Realistic Minecraft Seaons

Season 1: Realistic Minecraft "Zombie Apocalypse"

This season features Steve-Zombie, Ralf, Mr. Apu and George. The season starts off as a regular day in the day of Steve. Steve wakes up from a nap and heads out to buy some pizza from Mr. Apu, after he eats the pizza he knocks out again and wakes up to find that his neighborhood has been taken over by ZOMBIES. He watches his neighbor George die a brutal death and runs away so scared that he soils himself. Watch the rest of Realistic Minecraft – Zombie Apocalypse to find out what happens.

Season 2: Realistic Minecraft "Spider-Steve"

This season was inspired by a previous Spider-Steve episode we saw on YouTube. This season is about Steve becoming Spider-Steve. Steve has always been a trouble maker, ever since his uncle passed away he realized that there was no one that could stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do. One day Steve ditched school and was on his way to his friends house when he saw that there was an exhibit for the world’s largest spider. He wanted to check out for himself so he walked in. There was plenty of signs warning spectators not to knock on the windows but Steve didn’t care for any type of rules. He starts knocking on the windows where they kept the BIGGEST spider and he brakes the glass. The spider was released and started attacking Steve. Steve mange to escape but not before the spider bit him. When Steve got out he started heading home but fainted due to the excruciating pain the bite caused him. Watch the rest of Realistic Minecraft – Spider-Steve to find out what happens.

Season 3: Realistic Minecraft "Pokemon Go"

This season is about Ash Ketchum’s long lost cousin Steve-Ketchum. He was born in Pallet Town but he wasn’t able to start his Pokemon Master training until he was able to first learn basic manners. You see, Steve was born in a family that had no intentions on keeping him as part of the family, he was left in the wild to be raised by wild Pokemon. Fortunately he was taken care of and partially raised by a family of wild Chanseys. When he was about 8 years old Professor Oak found him in the woods fighting with a wild Rattata and decided to rescue him and bring him to his lab. After running some DNA test he discovered that he was related to Ash and delivered him to his rightful parents. After a serious discussion, his family promised to keep him and raised him until he was able to leave on his own and become a Pokemon Master. We have only made one episode but are currently working on episodes 2 and 3. Watch the rest of Realistic Minecraft – Pokemon Go to find out if Steve-Ketchum is able to capture the best pokemon.

Season 4: Realistic Minecraft "Donald Trump Saga"

The first episode features Pablo, a racist Mexican who hates Donald Trump. When Donald Trump comes to East Los, he decides to make his move. He first sees him on the news wilding up the crowd so he decides to go take a look and see what he can do about it. Watch the rest of Realistic Minecraft – Donald Trump Saga to find out what happens next.

The Future For Realistic Minecraft

We hope that eventually more and more people will start making realistic minecraft videos. They are very fun to make and hilarious to watch. We encourage and challenge everyone to make realistic minecraft videos to see who can make them better. Let's see who can be more creative and find the best mods. We are planning on making many more seasons and getting better and better. Follow our blog to be updated with our future plans. Thanks for watching.

Realistic Minecraft Squad

Realistic Minecraft was fairly new when our team came together. We were really moved by the creativity of the first videos Realistic Minecraft videos such as Spide-Steve, Realistic Hulk, and Wolfman. Realistic Minecraft seemed like something so easy to put together but once we started working on the first season of Realistic Minecraft we knew how time consuming it actually is and we started appreciating the work even more. The team that puts together consists of 3 people. Rafael comes up with the stories and helps edit them, Alfredo does the role-play and also edits and Elisha does the hand acting and voice over. So far we have created four different seasons. The goal is to make three episodes for each season at first. Once we have several seasons out we will come back to make more episodes of the most popular seasons.


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