There are many Minecraft YouTube Channels out there, but only a few Realistic Minecraft channels. Our team consist of a people who enojy playing Minecraft and also people that enjoying editing videos. We came together to try and bring Minecraft to real life hoping to inspire others to do the same. The process might be time consuming but the end result is worth it. We are only here to bring smiles to other Minecrafters hoping to make Realistic Minecraft something everyone can eventually do.


Realistic Minecraft “Zombie Apocalypse”

This season features Steve-Zombie, Ralf, Mr. Apu and George. The season starts off as a regular day in the day of Steve. Steve wakes up from a nap and heads out to buy some pizza from Mr. Apu, after he eats the pizza he knocks out again and wakes up to find that his neighborhood has been taken over by ZOMBIES. He watches his neighbor George die a brutal death and runs away so scared that he soils himself. Watch the rest of Realistic Minecraft – Zombie Apocalypse to find out what happens.

Realistic Minecraft “Spider-Steve”

This season was inspired by a previous Spider-Steve episode we saw on YouTube. This season is about Steve becoming Spider-Steve. Steve has always been a trouble maker, ever since his uncle passed away he realized that there was no one that could stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do. After a series of events he realizes that he doesn’t want to be bad anymore and decides to become a super hero. His first enemy was Hulk, who defeated him. He later meets up with Iron Steve to form the Stevengers.

Realistic Minecraft “Pokemon Go Origins”

This season is about Ash Ketchum’s long lost cousin Steve-Ketchum. He was born in Pallet Town but he wasn’t able to start his Pokemon Master training until he was able to first learn basic manners. You see, Steve was born in a family that had no intentions on keeping him as part of the family, he was left in the wild to be raised by wild Pokemon. Fortunately he was taken care of and partially raised by a family of wild Chanseys. When he was about 8 years old Professor Oak found him in the woods fighting with a wild Rattata and decided to rescue him and bring him to his lab. After running some tests he discovered that he was related to Ash and delivered him to his rightful parents.  Now we join him in his adventure to collect badges from the 8 gym leaders and make his way to the Indigo League.

Realistic Minecraft “The Avengers”

The Avengers aka Stevengers is a compilation of multiple seasons. The first season made for this was Spiderman. We follow his story as he goes from normal civilian to bad guy to superhero. We introduced Hulk next, Steve banner went to the city to buy supplies for his broken house. When no one helped him he got really angry and turned into the Hulk. Spidersteve then comes to try and stop him but he fails and Hulk almost kills him. When Spidersteve wakes up he sees the city destroyed. When all hope is lost, Iron Steve shows up and offers his hep to hunt down the beast. The Stevengers journey begins.

Realistic Minecraft “Batman: Suicide Squad”

Batman takes on the entire Suicide Squat in this season. This series takes place after the Suicide Squat movie. In our series they were released due to good  behavior, once they were out they started terrorizing Gotham. Once batman finds out he goes after them one by one. Every battle fought leads to an encounter with the Joker and Harley Quinn. Will he succeed? Watch to see how this series turns out.